George Kelly

Chief Markets Officer
Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC

George Kelly joined Resource Environmental Solutions in 2014 as their Chief Markets Officer. Mr. Kelly is a graduate of Tulane University (B.A.) and a cum laude JD and MSL (Masters in Environmental Law) graduate of the Vermont Law School. As the founder and Director at Environmental Banc and Exchange (EBX), he has permitted and sold over $90m of environmental credits in the United States relating to wetlands, streams, endangered species and water quality. He has worked with numerous resource agencies, landowners, municipalities, investors and private and public credit buyers in the implementation of mitigation projects.

He has worked on resource mitigation projects and negotiated and implemented mitigation banking instruments in Idaho, Montana, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, California, and Florida as well as drafted and negotiated land deals with over 100 landowners for resource mitigation projects. He has been a leader in promoting new policies at the federal, state and international levels relating to market-based solutions to achieve environmental objectives, including working on the recently promulgated federal wetland mitigation rules enacted in June 2008.

Mr. Kelly served on the Board for almost ten years and was elected President of the National Mitigation Banking Association (US) in 2009. Additionally, he was appointed to serve on the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program Nutrient Trading Task Force, the Advisory Committee to the Water Quality Fund for the Chesapeake Bay and is a founding member of the National Water Quality Trading Alliance.

Prior to founding EBX in 1997, Mr. Kelly served as partner and member of the Environmental Law Group at the firm Ober, Kaler, Grimes and Shriver.


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